Upcoming Classes - Spring 2021
PT-513 Church Conflict
Textbook: Church Split - Branson
This course gives attention to the practical confrontation of church conflict as it affects the unity and effectiveness of the local church.

TH-312 Systematic Theology
Textbook: Lectures In Systematic Theology – Thiessen

This course surveys the disciplines of systematic theology: ex. soteriology,angelology, pneumatology,eschatoloy,hamartiology, anthropology,etc.

BI-121  Epistle of John II
Textbook: Exploring the Epistles of John – Phillips
This course is a verse by verse commentary of the Epistle of  II John and is presented in outline form so the student can grasp the context.
Our Degrees

Tampa Theological Institute & Tri-State Seminary
offer degrees based on the accumulation of hours, rather than the traditional method of 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, etc. content.  We have found that this method allows the student to progress at his/her own pace and gives ample time for each individual to retain the instruction he/she is receiving.

Our degree programs progress in 32 hour segments and are as follows:
  • 32 hours - Bible Diploma (certificate)
  • 64 hours - Associate Degree
  • 96 hours - Graduate Degree
  • 128 hours - Bachelor Degree (20,000 word thesis required)
  • 160 hours - Masters Degree (30,000 word thesis required)
  • 192 hours - Doctoral Degree (50,000 word thesis required)

As a Bible student, you will be immersed in Biblical courses in both the Old and New Testaments as well as theological courses.  Christian doctrine, ethics, and practical theology may also be part of your curriculum.

The essential question for one who understands God's love and knows Christ as Savior is, "How can I best prepare myself to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord?"  Tampa Theological Institute & Tri-State Seminary are here to help you answer that question.


Tampa Theological Institute & Tri-State Seminary are apost-secondary Christian Bible college that is dedicated to the training of men and women who desire to develop their knowledge of God's Word.  Our institute offers the tools that believers will need to be effective in whatever calling God has placed upon their lives.  We offer flexible classes that can be adapted to the needs of each student attending TTI.

At Tampa Theological Institute & Tri-State Seminary we offer an academic emphasis on God's Word, but we also emphasize the spiritual life of students attending our classes because we believe that the study of God's Word is more than just an academic event.  Students who enroll in TTI can expect to have their minds challenged by scholastic analysis of Scripture, but they can also expect to have the benefit of teachers who are passionate about the application of the Bible in every day life and ministry.

At Tampa Theological Institute & Tri-State Seminary, we believe finding all of God’s truth requires sincere effort and input from all of us.  You can pursue a career on a foundation of knowledge of God's most Holy Word, as you master its content and learn how to interpret and apply its messages.  Studying the Bible has prepared some of the most successful Christian professionals for their lifelong work.  Your in-depth study of this most important of all books could lead you to a career in ministry or teaching as a full-time minister, missionary, chaplain, or Bible teacher for secondary Christian schools, colleges, or seminaries.  You may even choose to go on to pursue an advanced degree for increased teaching opportunities.

Your Tampa Theological Institute & Tri-State Seminary degree won’t just change your life — you’ll use it to change others’ lives. We don’t just train skilled professionals — we train exceptional ministry-minded believers who want to make a difference.

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Desired Degrees

If the opportunity to extend your Bible College or Seminary education was available, how high would you go?

Select all that apply.

At Tampa Teological Institute & Tri-State Seminary, we try our best to maintain a very economical Bible college program so that no one will be turned down due to lack of financial means.  The cost of your Christian education breaks down as follows:

  • Application Fee (non-refundable) - $25.00
  • Undergraduate Program Tuition per 2.0 Hour Course - $50.00
  • Graduate Program Tuition per 2.0 Hour Course - $100.00
  • Lecture Credit (1 hour per class) - $25.00
  • Life Experience Credit (per hour if qualified) - $25.00
  • Auditing Students - $15.00 per class (no homework, test, or attendance requirements)
  • Book Fee - Varied by Semester and Load
  • Graduation Fee (Diploma, Associate or Graduate Degree) - $150.00
  • Graduation Fee (Bachelor, Master or Doctoral Degree) - $200.00

Tuition fees are non-refundable.

Note: A spouse of a full time college student at Tampa Theological Institute may attend at no additional cost for tuition.  Graduation fee and book fees will apply on both spouses.

Tuition and fees are due and will be charged to the student's account upon registration.